About Us

Freightiks focuses on providing you with effective, dependable and trustworthy Courier Services.

We Move Your Business

Freightiks focuses on providing you with effective, dependable and trustworthy Courier Services.

Equipped With Top Of The Line GPS Systems

Enabling real-time tracking ensuring your package will reach its final destination.

24/7 On Demand Courier Solutions

You can rely on us to provide you with top of the line parcel courier deliveries.

Certified For Medical Transportation

We are certified to transport medical devices, specimens and pharmaceuticals.

What Is Unique About Freightiks


Customized Services

While parcel carriers and delivery services are used to send shipments on a per-item basis, we typically work with businesses in a more personalized way. This helps companies save money in the long run.


Speed & Security

We are able to deliver items faster than other services. While delivery services may offer overnight service, a specialty courier can often deliver something within hours. We also provide the highest level of security and tracking for packages. 


Special Handling

We are trained to handle specific commodities that require special handling such as dangerous goods or hazardous materials. We not only know how to properly handle such products to protect the safety and integrity of the shipment.

When Should You Use Freightiks as A Courier?

You have something time-sensitive. Couriers specialize in urgent requests. They are available 24/7 and can handle last-minute and urgent needs.

You have something that’s difficult to package. Couriers have fewer size restrictions and are able to package items for personalized needs.

You want real-time tracking. The USPS, UPS, and other delivery services provide limited tracking. With a courier, you can get real-time tracking so you know where your shipment is at every stage of the journey.

You’re shipping overseas and want to simplify paperwork, taxes, and duties.

You have ongoing, specialized needs. With a courier, you can develop a personalized relationship and find solutions that meet your long-term needs.

Why You Should Choose Us

When shopping for a courier, you want to find someone that is experienced and reliable as well as fast. The fastest courier at any given time depends on your needs, budget, and industry. We are here to make sure we meet your needs.

Customized Services


Speed & Security


Special Handling


Have any questions?

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